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Kali was born in Spain in June 2004.

I found her in a pet shop window aged 5 weeks old, it was love at first sight. I bought her and took her home to my campvervan in the mountains.

When she was 15 months old, we returned to Bournemouth. Due to rabies injections not being so great over there, she had to stay in quarantine for 6 months. I drove 50 miles to visit her on my day off every week. We have been inseparable ever since.



Loki we think was born in August 2008.

She came to us via a friend who could not cope with her plus work and 2 kids. When we went to see her, the kitchen and the garden had been trashed. I did have my doubts, but Nik fell in love with straight away and Kali and her played together really well, so we brought her home.

The next day, we went to the forest with her for the day. She had never been off the lead before and it was great to see months of pent up energy released as she ran and played and ran some more. We have never looked back.

She is a wonderful and very loving dog.



I was born and bred in Dorset and, although I moved away a few times, nowhere else in the world feels more like home than here.

There has always been at least one dog in our family. When I left home I carried on the tradition, I could not even be without one when I went travelling.

As soon as I left school I trained to be a chef and, although I gave up cooking commercially many years ago , my passion for food and what we put in our bodies is still very strong, I never buy processed food for us or our dogs.

In the summer and autumn months you always find me out picking the freshest fruit to make into jams, pickles, and pies.

Julie was recently interviewed by Katie Martin
on BBC Radio Solent about her treats.
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