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Autonomous Media Live Chat

Linux Stuff

Dark Theme Buttons for IDJC

Changing IDJC button graphics for better visibility with dark theme

QjackCtl setup for JACK with Pulseaudio (for most Linux?)

(IDJC setup part 1) Setup instructions for QjackCtl starting JACK with Pulseaudio connections

IDJC setup with QjackCtl and Pulseaudio

(IDJC setup part 2) Setup for IDJC using QjackCtl and Pulseaudio

Coding Stuff

Radio Schedule

Original design to replace schedule requiring flash, using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Javascript enhanced to open schedule at current day of week

HTML5 Radio stream players

Ongoing work on website radio stream players. No page yet, just a folder


Dorset Dog Delights

Wessex Gathering

Old Podcast Archive

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