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Dried Sweet Potato

Softer, Sweeter and Safer alternative to rawhide.
Perfect for puppies and older dogs

(100% Sweet Potato)

sweet potato

Large Chews [50g] - £1.95

Cheese & Marmite

Freshly grated Parmesan and Marmite together in a treat that dogs just love.
Yeast extract is great help to deter fleas and ticks.

(Wholewheat flour, Oats, Water, Parmesan cheese, Marmite)


Standard Size [100g] - £2.50

Training Treat [50g] - £1.50

Kali Carrot Cookies

Low fat cookies sweetened with fresh grated carrot
Slightly softer than our usual biscuit, great for young and pensioner pups alike.

(Wholewheat flour, Oats, Carrot, Water)


Standard Size [100g] - £2.50

Training Treat [50g] - £1.50

Apple & Peanut

Fresh grated apple and smooth peanut butter go into these crunchies.
A delightful double flavour.

(Wholewheat flour, Rolled Oats, Grated Apple, Peanut Butter, Water)


Standard Size [100g] - £2.50

Training Treat [50g] - £1.50

Chicken Sausage

Made with 70% human grade chicken.
Great chopped as a high value training treat

chicken sausage

200g - £3.00

Beef & Garlic Sausage

Containing over 70% meat.
Some believe garlic helps maintain a healthy shiny coat

beef sausage

200g - £3.00

Beef Strips

Pieces of prime Scottish steak trimmings
roasted and dried.

roast beef

150g - £2.50


Cooked and dried 100% beef
A great classic dog treat.


200g - £3.00

Puffed Jerky

Crunchy and low fat
Ideal for dogs who don't like harder treats

puffed jerky

80g - £2.50

Tripe Sticks

Dried green tripe sticks
A superfood treat for your dogs

tripe sticks

100g - £1.80

Chicken Feet

High in protein, low in fat
An interesting variety in your dogs diet.

chicken feet

8 for £3.50

Pig Snouts

Great treat for smaller dogs.
Dried rather than puffed for a tougher chew

pig snout

8 for £3.50

Rabbit Ears

Dried rabbit ears from Belgium
perfect for smaller dogs


6 for £3.50

Cow Hoof

Beef hoofs are a great treat
Can be stuffed with your own filling.

cow hoof

3 for £1.75

Bull Pizzle

A long lasting chew that dogs love
The natural dental stick

large pizzle
small pizzle

12cm - £1.95

24cm - £2.95

Fishy Tiddlers

Tiny salmon & trout grain free Tiddlers
perfect tiny high value treat

fishy tiddlers

70g for £2.20

Beef Liver

Slices of Beef liver gently dried
Great as a treat and can be broken down to training size

cow hoof

50g for £2.20

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